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I started to build this web site in late October 2008, so it is in its eight year.  I try to update it fairly regularly, so do come back to see new content.  The bulk of the content is William's and expresses his views.  If you take exception to any of the content, please blame him!  You can contact us at:  I designed the site for screen resolutions at least 1280 across as this seems to be a reasonable minimum these days, and I built it using WYSIWYG Web Builder software. 

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News, Views & Changes

Jan 1st
I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas, or whichever holiday you celebrated, and that you have a wonderful 2017.  I am working on improving the efficiency of the site, as well as adding some new elements to the science sections.  I am also correcting some errors and ambiguities that visitors have pointed out to me.  Thanks to them, and please do drop me an e-mail if you find any errors, or if anything does not make sense.  However, if you send me abuse relating to the Pseudo Science I try to debunk, note that it just gets deleted. 
Nov 12th
Finally completed the re-working of our north Atlantic cruise pictures.  As the various cruises overlapped on the ports we visited, I have included one set of slides for each place, ordered by country. 
Jun 26th
In order to reduce the amount of maintenance time, I have removed a number of entries in the Vacations section.  These relate to smaller vacations, side trips, and day trips.  The major vacations and cruises remain substantially unchanged.
May 29th
Updated to the latest version of software for maintaining this website.  If anything goes wrong; that's who we blame!  It all seems OK for now, but new versions always carry an element of risk.  
May 28th
Back from our annual trip up to Maine.  This year, as well as all our usual stops in Portland, Bar Harbor (for a week), and Lubec (for 5 days), we headed up to Canada to St Stephen, St Andrews and St John.  Very saintly in New Brunswick!  Next year we hope to get to St John again, and then head up to Prince Edward Island.  We are very fond of PEI, and really want to drive across the Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick to Borden-Carleton in PEI.
Feb 29th
Working on a load of pictures we took on various trips over several years to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.  Adding several new sections as well as adding pictures to existing areas.  It is great fun revisiting these places, but it also reminds me that maintaining a website like this can be very time consuming!
Feb 29th
Finally added a short piece about the discovery of Pentaquarks at the Large Hadron Collider.  The discovery was announced on July 14th 2015.  The pentaquark contains 2 up quarks, one down quark, and a charm/anti-charm pair of quarks.  How the quarks are bound, whether loosely or strongly, has yet to be determined.  More information here
Feb 19th
Attended the Naturalization Ceremony in Albany, NY where I became a United States Citizen.  This means I am able to vote, and not have to renew my Green Card every ten years.  This makes getting into and out of the country much, much easier. 
We have removed all the family pictures from the website.  If any one wishes to see the pictures, please contact me and I will either send you a link to the pictures or copy the ones in which you are interested onto a DVD.