To put our place in the Universe in context, this diagram shows our place firstly within the Solar System, then the Sun's local vicinity, the closest
galaxies, the Local Group, and finally in our Local Supercluster, Virgo.  Click a section on the image below to see a larger version of that section. 
Click here to see the full size version (7MB) of the whole image
Image Credit: Azcolvin429
All the scientific sections of the website are essentially mine; that is, William's, and express my views and opinions alone.  Here we look at Cosmogony, Cosmology and Astronomy.  Cosmogony addresses the origins of the universe, while Cosmology is the study of the structure and evolution of the Universe as a whole as it exists right now, or, at least, of how we see it right now.  Astronomy addresses objects and phenomena that exist outside the Earth's atmosphere.  This includes planets and all the other objects in the solar system, stars, agglomerations of stars in star clusters and galaxies as well as clusters and superclusters of galaxies.  In this section, we look at the creation of the Universe, and whether there even was a creation point, how it has evolved up to today with the plethora of stars, galaxies and exotic objects like quasars, and how it may evolve in future; will it go on forever, or will it have an end?  The Solar System, and, indeed, the other planetary systems that have been found, are in their own section: Solar Systems. 

As stated in the Physics sections, what I aim to do here is to give some basic introductions to the listed topics, try to dispel some misconceptions, and provide links for those interested in following up at more detailed levels.  I plan to keep the information as up to date as possible; but, inevitably, I will miss some new ideas and theories as well as include some content that has been refuted.  Hopefully, I will catch all these quickly. 

Again, please feel free to let me have comments, suggestions and corrections, to any part of this section, but please keep it scientific.  I have absolutely no interest in fanciful mysticism. 

Astronomy & Cosmology