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Introduction & Map

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We decided that rather than endure the usual freezing cold and snowy Christmas, we would have a warm Christmas in 2017.  Thus we embarked on a round trip cruise from Fort Lauderdale in Florida through the Caribbean.  We were particularly interested in visiting Cuba, and this gave us the opportunity to see Havana as well as Cienfuegos on the southern coast.  We took 3 days driving down to Ft Lauderdale, then a week driving back after the cruise.  The whole trip was rather "touristy", especially in Mexico and Montego Bay, but overall quite fun, particularly Cuba.  The sequence of places we visited from Ft Lauderdale was Key West in Florida, Cozumel & Costa Maya in Mexico, Havana & Cienfuegos in Cuba, Montego Bay in Jamaica, George Town in the Cayman Islands, then back to our starting point in Ft Lauderdale. 
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